PDC 4 : Keezhadi archaeological findings project new light on Indian History

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Carbon dating of unearthed artefacts found at Keezhadi point to the Sangam Age being 300 years earlier than previously believed, challenging current understanding of history. Structural remains found in the Vaigai plains show the handy skills of the people and high standards of living in the Sangam era. Also spurring the language debate, engravings of Tamil-Brahmi existing at an earlier age point to older origins of the Tamil language. These evidences point to the importance of expanding archaeological research in order to understand the history of Peninsular India. Join us as we dig deeper into history!

Dr S Vasanthi, Former director of the archaeological department, Government of Tamil Nadu led the discussion on common artefacts and items found in Keezhadi excavation. The recent discovery in keezhadi is similar to the other excavation that was undertaken in different parts of Tamil Nadu. The discussion commenced by highlighting the significance of scientific approach in studying history and civilization. Research methodology employed in studying any civilization has to be sound and unbiased as possible. The artefacts and items explain the life style and civilization but the governance structure, political situation is largely obtained from the literature and manuscripts. An enlightening session about other archaeological excavation in India at different time periods revealing similar cultural aspects of civilization encouraged participants to advance their understanding of the subject.

PDC Past Event :   07 Dec 2019


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