PDC 3: Sustainable Living Practices: Individuals Role in Tackling Climate Change

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A semi formal session on recording the ideas of Chennai youth on various sustainable living practices that an individual could undertake. The session began with defining a need for an individual to take part in the process of creating an ecosystem keeping the environment in mind. Firstly, the consumerism thriving on profits was challenged and sustainability as a concept had to take the front seat. To achieve this individuals have to write off the status element attached to adopting a pattern as a consumer. In making awareness among public, there is a lack of relatable factor to any outcome of climate change. State has a much larger role to play in rewarding a sustainable practice and penalizing a business or act that would damage the environment. Mainstreaming of eco friendly products and discouraging corporate that pollute the environment, state has to bridge the science and public in the area of climate change. As individuals, it is important to question state’s inability to maintain an environmental standard.

Past Event: 30 Nov 2019

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