PDC – 5: Artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies

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Technology is growing exponentially signalling the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ of technological breakthroughs, such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. The advent of Fourth Industrial Revolution will disrupt almost every industry, every emerging and developed country in areas of employment and governance. The change has already started from an individual level, ranging up to societal and national level and one can only predict as to what depths these disruptive technologies are going to revolutionise the future. Come join us in our brainstorming discussion as to how people in India should adapt on a personal and professional level to embrace this uncertain, but exciting future.

The discussion led by S K Sivakumar, enterprise architect was well received by the participants. Currently stepping into to fourth wave of industrialization it is crucial for any country to comprehend the technology aspect from various dimensions. AI technology is embedded in most of our consumer products and is shaping the future of our manufacturing & service sector. A concise explanation on usage of AI technology and the working back end technology was shared. An interesting insight on application of such technology at micro level was presented by the speaker. With such developments in the technology, it is an opportune time to evaluate the technological capabilities of India and direct policy decision to reach out potential growth in research on disruptive technology. While there is a threat of AI taking over manual jobs, it is most unlikely to happen anytime in near future. A more adaptive approach to growing technology has to be employed to facilitate research and development in the field. A follow up session on the same topic is to be organized to explore the international relation angle in the technology power race.


PDC Past Event : 20 Dec 2019


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