About TPF

TPF (The Peninsula Foundation) is an important policy research think-tank based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Think tanks have an important role to play in the social and intellectual development of the country. They are valuable resources for the governments for policy research, analysis, and advice. Think tanks complement the country’s educational and research system by contributing through focused academic research and in the development of young scholars. Most think-tanks gravitate around the national capital for obvious reasons of being close to the seat of power. The situation in India is no different, with nearly 98% of the think tanks located in and around Delhi. The idea of a peninsula based think-tank evolved from the need to have a different perspective; regional, maritime, aerospace and Indo-Pacific approach; to complement Delhi’s largely continental view, and contribute to development of young scholars in the region.


Who we are

The idea has been translated into reality as “The Peninsula Foundation” by the founding trustees with a broad-based objective of policy advocacy in governance, international and security affairs. The Peninsula Foundation (TPF) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public policy research think tank, established to promote innovative thinking and stimulate critical debate on issues of governance, international affairs, and economic and technological sovereignty.


Mission of ‘The Peninsula Foundation’ is to formulate and advocate innovative and robust public policies, and serve as a trusted resource for decision makers in government, business, academia, and civil society on issues of India’s sovereignty, security, and prosperity.

What we do

India is a young nation-state, ancient civilisation, and a vibrant society, characterised by incredibly diverse subcultures and identities. These become India’s strengths and weaknesses at the same time, resulting in independent India’s story as one alternating between inconsistent growth and stagnation. While ancient India was a beacon of benevolent influence for rest of the world, modern India continues to face challenges and problems, a legacy of India’s long decline in its second millennium through invasions, alien rules, and decadence of caste-ridden society, illiteracy, and feudalism.

The Peninsula Foundation seeks to address serious issues facing the nation and the world community by exploring through research for solutions in governance, development, international affairs, and national defence. TPF plans to achieve its mission through promotion and advocacy of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, Indian civilisational ethos, and values based on ethics, integrity, and a strong national defence. It will support those policies and activities that seek to build an India where freedom, prosperity, opportunity, and civil society flourish.

The Foundation lays great importance to global governance and policies that seek to protect environment and enable global commons to be free of conflict and be accessible to all. TPF views environmental degradation as the single-most national and human security threat to countries like India. The challenges, which stem from development profile, huge population, unregulated consumption and destruction, can only be met through visionary policies, strong regulatory framework, strict enforcement with deterrent penalties, law and order, education and awareness programs that bring about active participation of people. TPF’s research work will relate to policies that concern regulatory reforms, fiscal policies, healthcare, and individual security. It endeavours to support policies that will demand political accountability and responsibility.

TPF aims to pursue its mission by performing timely, accurate research on key policy issues and effectively marketing these findings to our primary audiences; members of parliament and legislative assemblies, policy makers in the government, media, and the academic and policy communities.

TPF believes that India could be a model democracy, deriving its strength from its ancient civilizational traditions, values, and philosophy. We believe that peace is best achieved when democratic nations are well defended. TPF supports a strong Indian military, and the development of a strong national military culture. India’s strength as an independent, sovereign nation-state in the international system emanates not just from its political, democratic, and civilizational strengths but more importantly it should be from its economic and technological strengths. TPF’s work focuses on evolving and energising policies that underpin India’s economic and technological sovereignty.

We endeavour to deliver our mission through a three pronged approach:

– Informed debate and effective research:

Provide timely, accurate research on key policy issues, and engage governments, private sector, civil society, and our members in open debate and private discussions about the most significant developments in governance, security, and international affairs. TPF will carry out independent and rigorous analysis of critical global, regional, and national challenges and opportunities.

– Effective Communications:

We lay strong emphasis on public outreach and effectively market our findings to primary audiences. We offer new ideas and proposals on how best to confront these challenges and opportunities from the near to the long-term. Policy recommendations will be developed in collaboration with policy makers, experts, and stake holders in each area.

– Strong and Effective Advocacy:

TPF provides strong and effective advocacy of realist and pragmatic policies to help build a strong India through better life for its citizens

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