Post-Millennium Trends in the Global Energy Security

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The concept of energy security has been at the front and center of many important changes in international relations and international law since the 1970s. While the 1970s witnessed a series of international and domestic contests and cooperation on energy security, in the recent past the situation has been slightly different. In particular the speed of evolution and the fleshing out of the scope and content of energy security has been quite dramatic. The period from 2000 to 2019 has been transformational in multiple ways in respect of the evolution of the concept of energy security, including power structures where sources of military and economic power are not necessarily overlapping. The simultaneous transformation of Russia, India, France, Japan, Germany and UK as multi-regional powers having pockets of influence much beyond their immediate neighborhood is underway. In essence, the North-South divide and East-West geographical construct and post World War 2 multilateralism are losing relevance. A deep study of these changes is required and the first two decades of the twenty first century offer a useful time frame. The book is an attempt to encapsulate the trends indicative of this emerging energy security architecture.

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