Science, Technology, and Security Affairs

Centre for Science, Technology, and Security Analysis will research various aspects of scientific and technological developments and policies that impact on national development and India’s comprehensive security. It also examines the impact of science and technology on global security and peace. Major security challenges in the 21st century would involve the intersection of population, energy, climate change, resources, infrastructure, and water etc.The Centre’s studies would also cover nuclear strategy and nuclear proliferation issues and other concerns relating to weapons of mass destruction, and its implications for a rising India. This would be co-related to the relevance and impact of export controls and technology issues. The CSTSA, through its unbiased analysis of scientific and technical questions that impact India’s development and security, will endeavour to make relevant policy recommendations.

Conference Report- India and the Indian Ocean Region: Dynamics of Geopolitics, Security, and Global Commons

TPF Team                                                                                                    August 19, 2019/Conference The […]

China’s Climate Diplomacy and Energy Security

Sakshi Venkateswaran                                                                                July 14, 2019/Analysis In the last two years, China has become the leading destination […]

American Sanctions on Iran and the Underlying Oil War

Adithya Subramoni                                                                                      June 24, 2019/Analysis In a shocking turn of events, America in […]

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