Details on Publications

TPF Commentary

These are op-ed/commentaries (800-1200 words) by TPF experts, members, and associates on current topics covering politics, governance, economy, international affairs, security, technology, industry, and environment.

TPF Strategic Alerts

These are 600-800 word briefs on current security and intelligence news.

TPF Analysis

This is a research analysis (5000 to 8000 words) by the TPF research team on a single topic of policy relevance.

TPF Policy Briefs

This is a policy oriented research paper of 1500 – 3000 words.

TPF Monographs/Occasional Papers

These are single topic research papers of 12000 to 18000 words.

TPF Research Papers

These are detailed research papers of 25000 to 30000 words length on various projects by TPF Experts.

TPF Reports

These are reports of proceedings in Workshops/seminars/conferences.

Journal Articles

Articles published by TPF experts in various peer reviewed journals are reproduced here


Books and Book Chapters published by various TPF experts are reflected here.

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