International & Transnational Affairs

Centre for International and Transnational affairs would direct and coordinate research in international relations, geopolitics, and geo-economics that impact India, Indo-Pacific, and the world. The Centre seeks to present an eclectic peninsular Indian perspective of International relations and geopolitical studies. Given the ‘moment’ of India’s transformation and its increasing global profile it would be in the fitness of things to ascertain and assess the issues and challenges of transformation of India; its pivotal geo-strategic and geo-economic role in the Indian Ocean; and global strategic engagement. The Centre’s research would focus on the rise of Asian economic and strategic power and its impact on International relations theory and practice in a globalizing perspective. Through its comprehensive research, the Centre would endeavor to provide the critical impetus that is necessary for development and growth of Asian International relations theory as against the current International relations theories of western ethnocentric/intellectual hegemony.


Conference Report- India and the Indian Ocean Region: Dynamics of Geopolitics, Security, and Global Commons

TPF Team                                                                                                    August 19, 2019/Conference The […]

China’s Climate Diplomacy & Energy Security

Sakshi Venkateswaran                                                                                July 14, 2019/Analysis In the last two years, China has become the leading destination […]

Venezuela’s Collapsing Economy: Victim of Geopolitical Games

Manjari Balu and M Matheswaran                                                                     June 23, 2019/Analysis The collapse of Latin America’s oil-rich country, Venezuela, epitomises [...]

American Sanctions on Iran and the Underlying Oil War

Adithya Subramoni                                                                                      June 24, 2019/Analysis In a shocking turn of events, America in […]

Belt & Road: What are China’s Real Intentions?

Mohan Guruswamy                                                                                         May 22, 2019/Analysis Almost two years after China hosted […]

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