Democracy & Governance

Centre for study of Democracy and Governance focuses on detailed analysis of the practice and effectiveness of democracy in India in particular, and across the world.The group focuses on study and analysis of the success and failures of governance structures in India. It will highlight, through deep and detailed research processes, areas of governance that require significant policy changes as well as adaptation. Effective democracy and governance should result in a vibrant society, economic strength through innovative and sustainable wealth creation, political freedom, social security, food security, universal education, institutions that strengthen law and order, efficient and impartial judiciary, public health, environmental security, and use of science and technology for national development.

The end of the liberal world order is not the end of the world – we just need to fight for freedom AND equality

The turmoil concerning Brexit, the Rise of the „Rest” (the fast developing countries), dramatic social inequality, the exclusion of ever larger parts of the populace (the decline of the „Rest“, [...]

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