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Each membership is a philanthropic investment in Public Policy. Become a TPF member and join a diverse and influential network of individuals and organizations who take proactive interest to share, debate, and develop ideas on critical national and international issues. TPF welcomes members from diverse range of backgrounds, including the worlds of politics, business, media, academia and NGOs. Contribution from our members, through their subscriptions and participation in activities, play integral role in building and sustaining the intellectual strength and independence of TPF.

As a member you will gain various benefits such as free access to TPF events, conferences, seminars, discussions, electronic journal and TPF newsletter.

How to Join

Different membership fee structures have been designed. Depending on your background, you can chose any of the following options for independent membership.

Membership Type Fees
1 Life Membership : Rs 12,000 – one-time payment
2 Associate Membership : Rs 3,000 per annum
3 Student Membership : Rs 1,800 per annum
4 Young Professional Membership : Rs 2,500 per annum

For all queries on membership, please do not hesitate to contact us at and

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