Thank you for your interest in supporting the TPF. Your donations will help support TPF’s broad range of activities, including our:

  • various events programme;
  • research agenda, exploring strategies to address the most pressing challenges to the country;
  • publications programme, featuring timely analysis from some of the country’s best analysts and commentators;
  • interactive web platform, providing an interactive hub for all those Indian citizens who wish to seek informed debate and knowledge on various policy issues; and
  • public outreach activities, educating the public, particularly youth, on India’s role in the world.

Your donation to TPF will help ensure its availability as a trusted resource for policy makers, business leaders, civil society groups, civil society groups, the media, and interested citizens who care about India’s growth, preservation of its heritage, its security, development of a society based on ethics, knowledge, and scientific temper, and India’s place in the international system.

Your donations will be eligible for tax exemption. For details about making donations please contact or or Brigadier Albert Pakianathan (Retd) at 7708760955.

Your contributions to the TPF can be made by online transfer into the account or by cheque payable to ‘The Peninsula Foundation’.

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