Corporate Membership

Why Become a Corporate Member

TPF welcomes Corporates as very important members who will strengthen its role in policy analysis and research in all aspects economic, industrial, technological, education and business segments. All membership fees become tax-exemption eligible as it contributes to building the core corpus for TPF’s growth and functioning. TPF will work with a network of experts and policy institutes, providing the corporate members with access to experts around the world.

As a corporate member you will have access to various benefits including access to events, studies, and special briefings. You will be listed as a corporate member on the website.

Corporate Membership fees per year, in different categories are given below:

Indian Corporate

1. Public-listed Corporate : INR 2,00,000
2. Private Companies : INR 1,00,000
3. Partnership Firm : INR 50,000
4. NGO, Academic & Research Institutions : INR 25,000

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