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The support of the Corporate community is crucial for ‘The Peninsula Foundation’. TPF’s survival and growth as an effective public policy research think tank is dependent on durable and dynamic partnership with leading Indian companies. We work with our corporate sponsors to realize our core mission – to spur public awareness and debate on India’s governance, its development, security and international affairs, and explore innovative policy directions for India – and align with their agenda to advance economic growth and prosperity.

TPF will plan and conduct corporate programmes to strengthen the hand of Indian business in today’s fast moving, highly competitive global environment. We plan to do this by providing personal, high-quality service to corporate executives seeking a deeper understanding of policy requirements for good governance and development, international events and India’s role in the global village.

For more information about corporate giving to TPF and Donor tiers, contact Brigadier Albert Pakianathan (Retd) at 7708760955 or on email at

Donors will enjoy exclusive privileges and access to our events, special study reports, and recognition on website, all literature and at events, based on their contribution tiers.

Your corporate donations can be made in the Tiers as given below:

Donor Tiers

  • Platinum  
Rs 1 crore and above
  • Gold 
Rs 50,00,000 – Rs 99,99,999
  • Silver 
Rs 25,00,000 – Rs 49,99,999
  • Bronze
Rs 10,00,000 – Rs 24,99,999
  • Garnet   
Rs 1,00,000 – Rs 9,99,999

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